Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

Last night was the New Moon in Aries. So, what does that mean? New Moons, in general, bring opportunities for growth, expansion, abundance, and ways to get creative! Aries is the sign of the Ram. The energy associated with Aries is often swift, bold, and strong. All great qualities to have. However, for some of us this will not work. Sometimes we want things to happen so badly and so quickly, that we overlook the details. Do not falter in your plans, but keep a close eye on the details associated with bringing your plan into fruition.

Don't you find that when you try to get from Point A to Point B there are many little steps in between? Things that need to be accomplished? That's actually the energy of this New Moon. Keep charging forward with your plans, but take into account that some things need to fall into place first. Once you're fully aware of that and accept that, you'll find that finally getting to Point B is all the more worthwhile. 

Your Oracle Messages!

Welcome to your Oracle Messages! I am using the Healing with the Angels deck. And I am also dipping into my bag of crystals to give you an added message! Please choose either 1, 2, or 3 for a message for your highest and best. If you'd like to skip to your number, please go to these times:

#1 - 0:40
#2 - 5:08
#3 - 9:32

Please share this with others. Thank you for watching!
We're Hiring!

Okay, so I'm not looking to start a softball team, but I am looking for a Massage Therapist or 2 to join us! If you know a Massage Therapist (who may already be working, or is fresh out of school/still in school) who may be interested in picking up some hours, please pass this message along! Furthermore, if you're able to tell your friends, family, and anyone else to get the word out, I would seriously appreciate it.
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