Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I am Back from Hawaii!

I am back from Hawaii!
And I'm not going to lie, I don't want to be. Haha!
I had such an amazing time immersing myself in the Hawaiian culture for the past few weeks. My sister and I visited Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island (also called Hawaii), and lastly, Maui.

And each of those islands have a different energy to them. I connected very well with Maui's energy and am planning on going back later this year. It was great to attend a Luau, see the active volcano, Mt. Kilauea, on the Big Island, witness sea turtles and whales, go ziplining over waterfalls, soak up the sun (I love a good tan. Haha!), and take lots of pictures, of course! Check out some of the photos I took. The one posted above is from the eastern side of the Big Island.
This was taken at a Lavender Farm on Maui.

Lava rocks. Everywhere.

Waterfalls in Kauai. Kauai is called the Garden Island for all of its green landscape.

Our sunset view from the beach at our hotel in Maui.

Mt. Kilauea at night!

Honestly, I don't remember which beach or island this is on. Hahaha.

Standing in a steam vent near Mt. Kilauea.

Kauai is also known as Rooster Country. Seriously, they're everywhere!

Catching the sunrise at Diamondhead Mountain on Oahu.

He was catching a coconut at the Luau on Oahu.

Like, I said it was such an amazing time. And I really am going back there soon. But before I do that there is some work to be done! I am now back in the office Tuesdays through Saturdays. So, if you've been needing some healing, I am now available for an appointment. Aloha!

A Monday Oracle Message

     I am back from Hawaii and what an amazing trip it was! While I am planning on moving to Maui later this year, there is still some work to be done!
     I pulled a card from my Energy Oracle deck. This is a wonderful message to reflect upon this week. Please enjoy this video :)


A Valentine's Day Message from Maui

      I had the privilege of spending 2.5 weeks on four of the islands in Hawaii. Valentine's Day happened upon me while I was in Maui.
     Enjoy your little message :)